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Reduce panic attacks with HelloBetter

Redu­ce your panic attacks! The Hell­o­Bet­ter ‘Panic’ cour­se can help you on your way to a life less domi­na­ted by fear. Over 6 weeks you will learn ever­y­thing you need to know to over­co­me your panic attacks. Plea­se note: our ‘Panic’ cour­se is curr­ent­ly only available in German.

What to expect

This sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly based, inter­ac­ti­ve online cour­se will help you redu­ce the occur­rence of panic attacks and sta­tes of anxie­ty. It has been deve­lo­ped by psy­cho­the­ra­pists, sci­en­tists and affec­ted peo­p­le, and has been pro­ven effec­ti­ve in seve­ral cli­ni­cal stu­dies. Based on pro­ven tech­ni­ques from cogni­ti­ve beha­viou­ral the­ra­py accor­ding to the latest sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch, the cour­se con­sists of 6 online cour­se units of about 1 hour each, which you can fit fle­xi­bly into your ever­y­day rou­ti­ne. You can access the cour­se for a who­le year after sig­ning up.

With artic­les, vide­os, audio con­tent, and exer­ci­s­es, the cour­se is fun as well as effec­ti­ve. Through a varie­ty of methods, you’ll learn:

  • what exact­ly panic is and how it arises
  • what your per­so­nal panic trig­gers are
  • how to effec­tively coun­ter and redu­ce panic attacks 
  • how you can best relax
  • to con­trol your breath in order to influence your condition
  • to cope bet­ter with dif­fi­cult thoughts 
  • to regain con­trol of your life through the skilful for­mu­la­ti­on and imple­men­ta­ti­on of goals

Through hel­pful methods for con­fron­ting your fears, rela­xa­ti­on exer­ci­s­es, quiz­zes, and an online dia­ry, you can over­co­me your panic and begin living a life with less anxie­ty. Exam­p­le cour­se par­ti­ci­pan­ts accom­pa­ny you through each modu­le so you know exact­ly what to do. A trai­ned psy­cho­lo­gist or psy­cho­the­ra­pist will gui­de you through the enti­re process. 

The Hell­o­Bet­ter ‘Panic’ cour­se is made by real peo­p­le for real peo­p­le – for a life that is no lon­ger dic­ta­ted by anxiety. 

This course is suitable for you if…

  • you suf­fer from recur­rent panic attacks
  • the “fear of fear” con­trols your ever­y­day life
  • you worry that you have too much anxie­ty and your thoughts revol­ve around that worry
  • you no lon­ger want to be limi­t­ed by dif­fi­cult thoughts and feelings
  • you want to impro­ve your own qua­li­ty of life

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