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Self-determined with Vaginismus Plus

Our Hell­o­Bet­ter ‘Vagi­nis­mus Plus’ cour­se (pre­vious­ly ‘Pai­vina-Care’) can help to posi­tively chan­ge your sex life. Over the cour­se of 8 weeks you’ll learn a lot about the so-cal­led ‘geni­to pel­vic pain/penetration dis­or­der’ (GPPPD), often refer­red to as vagi­nis­mus, and how to over­co­me it. Plea­se note that the cour­se is curr­ent­ly only available in German.

What to expect

HelloBetter’s ‘Vagi­nis­mus Plus’ cour­se is a sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly eva­lua­ted, inter­ac­ti­ve online cour­se aimed at redu­cing vagi­nal pain during sex or when inser­ting other objects (e.g. tam­pons). The cour­se covers the sexu­al dys­func­tions GPPPD, dys­pa­reu­nia and vagi­nis­mus, often grou­ped under the umbrel­la term vagi­nis­mus. It was deve­lo­ped by psy­cho­lo­gists, psy­cho­the­ra­pists, sci­en­tists and pati­ents, and is pro­ven to be effec­ti­ve. The cour­se methods are based on pro­ven stra­te­gies from cogni­ti­ve beha­vi­oral the­ra­py accor­ding to the latest rese­arch. The­re are a total of 8 online cour­se units of around one hour each, which you can fit fle­xi­bly into your ever­y­day rou­ti­ne. You can access the cour­se for an enti­re year after sig­ning up.

Through a varie­ty of dif­fe­rent methods (texts, video, audio con­tent, and exer­ci­s­es), you will learn:

  • all about the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween GPPPD, dys­pa­reu­nia and vaginismus 
  • how to gra­du­al­ly redu­ce vagi­nal pain during insertion
  • to con­scious­ly direct your atten­ti­on with visua­liza­ti­on and rela­xa­ti­on exercises 
  • to expe­ri­ence less pain bur­den con­nec­ted to pene­tra­ti­ve sex
  • how to cope bet­ter with unp­lea­sant thoughts and feelings 
  • to live a self-deter­mi­ned life through the skilful for­mu­la­ti­on and imple­men­ta­ti­on of goals 

Through a com­bi­na­ti­on of inter­ac­ti­ve exer­ci­s­es, an online dia­ry, vagi­nal trai­ning with dila­tors, and prac­ti­cal exer­ci­s­es with your part­ner, you can redu­ce vagi­nal pain. Exem­pla­ry cour­se par­ti­ci­pan­ts will accom­pa­ny you through each modu­le so you know exact­ly what to do.

A qua­li­fied psy­cho­lo­gist will gui­de you through the enti­re cour­se and offer feed­back on your exer­ci­s­es and pro­gress after each ses­si­on. HelloBetter’s ‘Vagi­nis­mus Plus’ is an inter­ac­ti­ve online cour­se made by women for women – for a plea­sura­ble sex life.

This course is suitable for you if…

  • you want to find out about the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween GPPPD, vagi­nis­mus and dyspareunia 
  • you expe­ri­ence pain during sex or when inser­ting other objects (e.g. a tam­pon) into your vagina 
  • you want to learn about rela­xa­ti­on, mindful­ness and deal­ing with dif­fi­cult thoughts and feelings

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